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Longwood (North Orlando)

800 Bennett Drive
Longwood, FL 32750
Phone: 407-331-5599
Fax: 407-331-6354
hours: 8 - 5 Mon - Fri
Sat, Sun - closed

24 Hour towing by:

Cortes Towing - 407-339-3339

South Orlando

6650 Kingspointe Parkway
Orlando, FL 32819
Phone: 407-781-1414
Fax: 407-781-1418
hours: 8 - 5 Mon - Fri
Sat, Sun - closed

24 Hour towing by:
Tibbitts Towing - 407-677-7190


Dayas Custom Auto is not only a direct authorized repair facility for a number of insurance companies but we work closely with every major insurance company. Always remember, by law, no matter what the insurance company says, you as the customer always have the right to choose your own repair facility.

If your insurance representative tries to "steer" or force you to one of their facilities, be warned, your vehicle may not be repaired to factory standards often voiding warranties and tarnishing your vehicle's resale value. This occurs because many insurance companies insist on using low price alternatives when repairing your vehicle. For example, just because your vehicle needs a new part does not mean the insurance company will replace it with what is known as a new OEM part. OEM stands for Original Equipment from the Manufacturer. This means an OEM part comes directly from your vehicle's manufacturer.

Unknown to most consumers, there are many low cost part alternatives that the insurance industry likes using in order to save themselves money. Unfortunately, you as the customer are stuck with a poor quality part that does not work or fit properly on your vehicle. Make sure you ask your representative what kind of parts are being used on your vehicle's repair.

Regardless of how the insurance company wants to repair your vehicle, Daya's will join in your fight to repair it the correct way. Our knowledgeable staff can help with often confusing insurance paperwork. Call or stop by one of our convenient locations today.

Just remember, we at Daya's Custom Auto work for you, not the insurance company.

Testimonial >> "I very much appreciate your interest in turning out 1st class work and excellent customer service!" - J.Carter